The FR® system has been successfully utilized to manage a wide variety of injuries and dysfunctions in various populations.  This includes problems affecting any and all bodily tissues such as muscles, tendons, nerves, ligaments, joints, etc.

Conditions commonly treated using this system include spinal pain (low back, neck), headache, shoulder impingement, carpal tunnel syndrome, plantar fasciitis, tennis or golfers elbow, sciatica, knee pain, osteoarthritis, and many more.  Further, because FR® certified practitioners utilize both passive care (soft tissue work, joint mobilization, etc), and active care (rehabilitation, exercise prescription, etc), these conditions can often be resolved permanently.

Manual therapists trained in the FR® system will first take a comprehensive health history in order to better understand not only your specific problem, but also to learn about how your body currently functions. Following this, the practitioner will utilize their hands in attempts to feel (or “palpate”) where the problematic tissues are as well as to define the problem specifically. How well this is done will usually dictate the effectiveness of any treatment protocol utilized.

FR® providers are masters at the art of palpation as their training included instruction in the most complete palpation system available. They are therefore very efficient and effective at specifically locating, and defining your problem, which then translates into a better ability to apply the necessary treatment interventions.

Once the abnormal tissue is located and defined, FR® practitioners will utilize specific manual release protocols to correct the problem. This will include reducing abnormal tissue tension, improving healing, increasing range of motion/flexibility, reducing pain, and improving function. In addition to this manual treatment, they will teach you take home exercises specific to your particular condition that will expedite the healing process and ensure that the problem does not recur.

Beyond this, FR® practitioners can continue to work with you to help maintain good joint health and an active lifestyle.